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Timeless Elegance: Georgia & Scott's South Australian Museum Wedding

In the heart of Adelaide, amidst the stunning backdrop of the South Australian Museum, Georgia & Scott’s love story unfolded, wrapped in modern minimalism and timeless elegance. We had the honour of playing a special role in their big day, as the couple chose our ‘Isla’ collection for their wedding stationery. 

To uncover the magic that made this day truly special, we sat down with the creative genius behind the scenes, Kelly from Found Collective Events. Join us as we delve into the details and inspirations of this beautiful wedding through Kelly’s eyes and words. 

Can you describe the ambiance or mood that was created through the styling choices for this wedding?

"We really wanted to create an elegant, romantic, classic, and timeless feel for their wedding, with minimal but intentional styling on tables using premium pieces such as linen, ripple glassware, premium paper stocks for menus, and more.

Can you share some specific details or design choices that were incorporated into this wedding to reflect the couple's unique vision? 

"We decided to spend the majority of the floral budget for the reception on lush foliage hanging installations at different angles and sizes to add interest and make the space feel more intimate. Having a marquee wedding can make for quite a big space to fill, so to bring the space in and make it feel inviting and lush, we decided to add 7 hanging foliage installations but rather than setting them up symmetrically and above the tables we opted for a more unexpected installation which really made an impact."

How did you work collaboratively with the couple to bring their ideas to life while infusing your own creative touch?

"I worked with Georgia and Scott to really understand their vision, their budget, and what was important to them in terms of the styling. They were very open to our creative ideas, so it was really amazing to be able to design a concept for them, and we were thrilled with how well received that was. Dream clients!"

Were there any standout or memorable design elements that you implemented for this wedding? If so, what made them so special?

"Definitely the asymmetrical hanging installations, which created a really lush feature within the marquee. But also, the champagne tower situated under the marquee right in the middle and directly in front of the bridal table, created a beautiful photo moment when the couple entered."


Did the venue or location play a significant role in influencing the overall styling decisions? If yes, how did you incorporate the venue's aesthetics into the wedding design?

 "With the ceremony, Georgia really loved the beautiful heritage building staircase that was directly behind where they were getting married, so to showcase this, we decided to install a beautiful foliage and floral arrangement along the railing as a lush backdrop for their ceremony."

How did you ensure that the styling seamlessly complemented other aspects of the wedding, such as the stationery, floral arrangements, or attire?

"Everything had a really modern, classic, and elegant feel, from the premium linens to the modern but minimal stationery designs and neutral colours that we selected throughout really complemented the lush foliage, and the premium ripple glassware that reflected the sunlight beautifully on the tablespace."


Kelly from Found Collective Events expertly brought Georgia & Scott’s vision to life, infusing the entire wedding with timeless romance. From the asymmetrical hanging installations to the rippled glassware, every detail was thoughtfully curated, ensuring an atmosphere that was not only modern and classic but also effortlessly elegant.


the team

Concept, Styling, Coordination: Found Collective Events

Stationery and signage: Oak and Ivory - featuring Isla Collection

Styling Photography: Little Paper Planes Weddings

Wedding Photographer: Gretl Watson-Blazewicz

Venue: South Australian Museum

Linen & Styling props: Found Collective Events

Floral concept & design: Stem Haus

Marquee, lighting, rigging, furniture: Australian Hiring Company

Cocktail furniture: Modern Party

Glassware: White Marquee

Music: Him and Her Music

Champagne tower: Gold Champagne Towers

Discover a love story set against the stunning South Australian Museum's backdrop. We were honoured to contribute our 'Isla' wedding stationery collection to Georgia & Scott's special day. Join us in a conversation with Kelly from Found Collective Events as we unveil the enchanting details of this extraordinary wedding.
September 21, 2023

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